Saturday, February 23, 2008

Anything But A One

Many gamers believe in their own form of kharma or luck. A single force that pushed them in a direction within the realms of their game, and if you attempt to do something against the will of this force bad things will happen.
Sometimes it is the ability to draw the right card combo in the game being played, or perhaps being lucky enough to pull an amazing card in a pack. With others like me, the force seems to just flat out say "NO".

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Now, as many people who read this blog know (Because I seem to talk about it non-stop to my friends and ::whoever else::) I play a CCG (Collectible Card Game for those who are game illiterate) called Warlord: Saga of the Storm. This game has been around for 7 or so years now, and has gone up and down in popularity since its release. HOWEVER, recently the game has begun anew as it was passed into the hands (Well...rights to the game anyway) of a new company Phoenix Interactive.
Now this game is a bit different from most card games out there. Besides the unique Rank-And-File card arrangement that the game uses, it also requires the player roll one d20 (A die with 20 sides for the even less game adept) to determine whether or not they can hit their target.
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ANYWAY....the point of this long winded explanation is that I cannot roll for shit. Honestly...even in situations where the odds of missing are 1 out of 20, I still cannot manage it. I am convinced that the universe just wishes for me to fail at this game so I may rot in a pit of my own self pity (Forgive me if that makes little sense, but it is 3:20 A.M.). Nothing can describe what I feel except for this completely true and realistic portrayal of my average Warlord game...

Anything But A One

I'm sure someone out there can relate.

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