Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Warlord 4E

Well, it is close to Gencon (Expect news on this soon...I have plans. Ones involving Oreos and lots of Fabreeze) and the CCG I thoroughly enjoyed for several years now is making a return.

Warlord:Saga of the Storm

The fansite "Temple of Lore"
This site has some of the greatest members and a VERY involved community that has supported the game for years without fail. I highly suggest checking it out.

I am a gamer at heart. I have tried different types of games: video, tabletop, board and many card games. Out of them all, Warlord has supplied me with the longest running amount of fun. You get an army, great art and even a bit of a backstory with occasional fiction (It is official people, not fan-fic). The game recently switched rights to another called Pheonix Interactive, and as of July 31 the first set of the new edition (Coinciding with the release of D&D's 4E) is released.

In celebration of this new edition, I am putting up two old mini-comics I made as an inside joke for the community supporting the game. These comics are based on property of AEG/PI (I'm not sure who to credit now) and I'm sure on some level Wizards of the Coast. Those guys own a bit of everything.

Now go! Go and order as much of the product as you can!