Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Project Gencon: Success

Gencon was definitely a success. Many many photos were taken, and I will make a series of reports on the con as soon as I am back to my normal schedule. For now...I rest.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Project Gencon

It is now 3:42 AM and the most awesome nerd gathering of the year is only 2 days, 20 hours and 18 minutes away.


That's right, four days of every kind of nerd, gamer, cosplayer and rock-paper-scissors tournament champion in one city.

I of course will be attending...as will Kasey, Jared and Juan. I plan to explore for a bit, but mainly I plan on entering a lot of Warlord tournaments.

Preparations are almost complete, and only a few more plans have to be finalized. My brilliant steps in what I am calling "Project Gencon" will involve many hijinks, several situations where shenanigans are called, a whole lot of WTFs and shit load of medieval weaponry.

And as of now, I am proud to announce that Phase I is complete.