Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Art Overload

The past few days has been hectic, as I went back to the society for a casual class trip and ended up spending the day in NYC waiting for discussions on the Air Force Art Program. The program itself is interesting because it provides willing artists research material (and food) for a specified amount of time as they join with the air force training exercises. The only thing asked of the artist is that they make an illustration/painting of something they saw when they get back.

Anyway, the society is finishing up their air force art show this weekend, I believe sunday afternoon is the ending. I suggest that anyone interested in the illustration process (Research, developing ideas, creating an image representing something in their own way) or any fans of planes in general check this show out while you can.



Narco said...

It's pretty cool. The Air Force thing.

I don't know if it's possible to overload on art. Video games, maybe.

Makavetis said...

Hey cool page! I noticed you like art and I just started a new art blog myself, so check me out ! thanks

Kayball said...

needsm moar. actually, i think your school assignment needs moar. this one is good.

this is good.