Sunday, September 14, 2008

COS: An Apology

I apologize for the lack of updates. I was going to do a report on gencon...about a month, but I unfortunately didn't realize how much work would have to be done to put it into Webcomic form. Perhaps sometime soon though, if my plans continue, I will at least get a new comic or two up.

Once again...I'm sure everyone is devastated at the halted comics, but I'm sure you will all survive. :P

(I do this for free btw, hence why I get distracted by other things, like college and jobs. Don't hate me because I'm devoted to responsibility. Yeah, that's it....responsibility. lol)

And a note...I really SHOULD make sure I log out of my account before certain other people in the room decide to have fun when my back is turned. lol

Edit: I forgot to mention, as of now I am taking suggestions for generic D&D character names, personalities and other cool things involving the subject matter. This is not important at all, I swear. There is no plan for future comics at this time, move along people. ;)

But should you be paranoid and not believe that, feel free to email them to me at...

Also, I feel bad about the lack of a real Gencon here is a spoiler of the eventual blog I will have to do on the convention. I promise, I'll have one done by next Gencon at the latest, which btw I will be attending.

Truly Epic

At one point, Kasey fulfilled her destiny and joined the dark side.

And just because they deserve a place in all of our hearts.

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